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John of God

John of God is probably one of the world’s best known trance mediums.  A trance medium is someone who incorporates spirits (allows spirits to take over the body) and during the time that he is incorporated he does not remember anything that is happening.  He works 3 days a week, free of charge, at the spiritual center called the Casa de Dom Ignacio in a small town in Brazil, called Abadiania.

JOG (John of God) incorporates many spirits including spiritual doctors, saints, psychologists, who work with visitors coming from all over the world that suffer from physical, spiritual, mental and/or emotional illness of any kind. Thousands of people travel from around the world to come to him in hopes of healing many diseases that the world has no cure for such as AIDS, cancer, ALS, MS…JOG and the phalange of spirits who he works with have healed many (JOG always says it’s not him who heals, it’s God).  Many come to him as a last resort since nothing else has worked.

Many visitors come here for their health, however, there are those like me who go for their spiritual and emotional healing and evolution – which quite frankly, it’s all tied together to your health.


Abadiania is a very small town with not much to do at all, except go to the Casa (kind of like a spiritual campus) where John of God is. They say that there is a spiritual hospital that is over the Casa and the spirits are always working with us. 

From the moment that I stepped into the town for the first time, this past summer in July, I could feel the energy…it was so potent and different.  The veil to the other side is so thin.

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Love and Loneliness


Before I meet my romantic partner in this life time, I am committed to being fully whole and complete within myself.  Loving every single ounce of myself. For whatever reason, I now know that I am just meant to be alone until I reach that high vibration that I am intending for myself and meet my partner at that point.  I know this is my map.

I’ve always told myself that I never wanted to settle and perhaps I’ve had this ideal picture of what love looks like.  I realized that for me to attract the kind of partner that I want…I need to BE that person first for myself.

I intend to BE the kind of person that I would want to be with.   

I intend to energetically vibrate that within my being.

You only attract who you are.

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Listening to My Soul


Right now I am in Boca Raton, FL on the first leg of my travels for the next couple months. Since my experience at John of God (which I will share more about soon) I have been living life very differently.  I live life on my terms and I know that the Universe will provide for me as long as I follow my passions, trust and surrender to the Divine plan that is unfolding for me.

I came here to attend the Tony Robbins’ week long Date with Destiny program.  What I wanted to get out of this program was to really create what was next for me and have a structure to fulfill it.  I work in real estate, it’s great and it’s not my passion.  I am grateful for it because it provides for me to be able to live the kind of life that I am living right now. However, I want to live a life of purpose and passion. I want and intend to share my gifts with the world. What that exactly looks like is yet to be revealed. 

Yesterday, I walked out of the seminar a couple days in and I’m getting a full refund.

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Emotions & Feeling

Feeling all of your emotions is the key to unlocking your human potential.

Emotions are also the key to your health.

It’s even the key to experiencing other realms and dimensions…which I may share about in a future post.

Most of us have been taught from a young age not to feel our emotions, especially the ones that we consider not so “good” – such as feeling sad, anxious, ashamed, angry, etc. We’ve grown up with these beliefs that showing your emotions shows weakness or that we need to “keep it together”, “be strong”…shame on us if we were to actually let anybody know how we really felt.  Especially out in public or in the workplace  –   we need to act a certain way, “be professional”, put on that game face, etc. All of those pent up emotions become STRESS because we are so busy trying to “keep it together” – it takes a lot of energy to do that.  We keep pushing all those emotions down and put on a game face when really inside we just want to scream and go….”AH!!!!!!!!!!!”

We have a healthcare system that helps us to not feel by providing so many medications for a plethora of pain.  It’s ridiculous the extent of pain medication and pills that are consumed and made to help people NOT feel.  Do you realize that that industry is making a killing off of depriving us of having a connection to our body and having our own intuition & wisdom for our health and overall well- being?  It’s become normal to take drugs and be dumbed down. Read the rest of this entry »

Awakening & Enlightenment

Most people have this idea of what awakening and enlightenment is and typically you hear people say, “oh it’s about being positive or positive thinking.”

It’s actually quite the opposite and much more than just positive thinking.

True awakening and enlightenment is a destruction. A destruction of yourself as you know yourself to be. It’s a breaking down & falling apart of all the points of views, beliefs and identity of yourself, others and the world. It can actually be quite scary. It’s about embracing the dark and going into the unknown. Living with depth and being reborn.

It is also about really looking at yourself and taking responsibility for everything that happens to you and I mean EVERYTHING.

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