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A New Relationship to Death & Suicide


(Yangshuo, China) 


A couple years ago a friend of mine committed suicide.  Even though I wasn’t extremely close to him I was completely devastated.  Questions ran through my mind, ”Why?”…”Could I have somehow done or said something different to help him?”…”Tried harder to get to know him better and gone deeper with him?”

Shortly after, he made contact with me from the “other side”, which was my first experience and communication I had with the spirit world at that level of depth.

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Being your own doctor, therapist and ultimate healer


This morning, I woke up with my right eye really swollen, barely able to open and see through it.

Initially, I panicked and thought, shit I need to go to the eye doctor, my eye is infected!

It’s funny because just the other day I was thinking about how I have such an amazing connection to my body and I don’t need to go to the doctor for anything.  I listen to my body and know exactly what is going on.

I paused and thought wait a minute Erika…you created this somehow…so you can heal it yourself too (you create your reality in every moment). Read the rest of this entry »

Self-Love & Awakening: What It Really Looks Like

Suddenly, everything was beautiful.  

The way she viewed the world was nothing more but a reflection of herself

– r.m. drake

While being on this spiritual quest to truly love myself…I found myself and so much more that I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams.

A profound awakening.

Words cannot even begin to express what I experience and how I live my life nowadays…

I’m going to attempt to share a cliff notes version of what has occurred for me during and since my last mystical adventure.

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Trusting the Process


“Oh what we see when we finally stop looking.” – Tyler Knott Greyson

I’ve been back in the City of Angels for about a week now from being in Brazil with John of God and completely taking myself off the grid for a month, including being off all technology.

It’s been an intense, deep, sacred and magical journey.

I’m still processing and integrating from it all and I’ve been allowing myself the space to take the time to slowly ease back into what some of my friends call…civilization. 🙂 

At JOG, I worked very closely and intensely with Spirit and my angel guides in my healing and evolvement – especially on my relationship around men this time.  I will share more about what unfolded for me while there in a future blog post. I need more time to process & integrate it all as I am still moving and feeling through some things.

Other than that, part of my intention for going to JOG was to create what was next for me in really living a life of purpose and passion and more specifically, have a plan for that.

What I do know, is that I am still going to work in real estate as what’s next for me unfolds and I am going to be guiding a group to Brazil to John of God in June (message me for details if you are interested in joining). 

Other than that, my plan is yet to be revealed.

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John of God

John of God is probably one of the world’s best known trance mediums.  A trance medium is someone who incorporates spirits (allows spirits to take over the body) and during the time that he is incorporated he does not remember anything that is happening.  He works 3 days a week, free of charge, at the spiritual center called the Casa de Dom Ignacio in a small town in Brazil, called Abadiania.

JOG (John of God) incorporates many spirits including spiritual doctors, saints, psychologists, who work with visitors coming from all over the world that suffer from physical, spiritual, mental and/or emotional illness of any kind. Thousands of people travel from around the world to come to him in hopes of healing many diseases that the world has no cure for such as AIDS, cancer, ALS, MS…JOG and the phalange of spirits who he works with have healed many (JOG always says it’s not him who heals, it’s God).  Many come to him as a last resort since nothing else has worked.

Many visitors come here for their health, however, there are those like me who go for their spiritual and emotional healing and evolution – which quite frankly, it’s all tied together to your health.


Abadiania is a very small town with not much to do at all, except go to the Casa (kind of like a spiritual campus) where John of God is. They say that there is a spiritual hospital that is over the Casa and the spirits are always working with us. 

From the moment that I stepped into the town for the first time, this past summer in July, I could feel the energy…it was so potent and different.  The veil to the other side is so thin.

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Emotions & Feeling

Feeling all of your emotions is the key to unlocking your human potential.

Emotions are also the key to your health.

It’s even the key to experiencing other realms and dimensions…which I may share about in a future post.

Most of us have been taught from a young age not to feel our emotions, especially the ones that we consider not so “good” – such as feeling sad, anxious, ashamed, angry, etc. We’ve grown up with these beliefs that showing your emotions shows weakness or that we need to “keep it together”, “be strong”…shame on us if we were to actually let anybody know how we really felt.  Especially out in public or in the workplace  –   we need to act a certain way, “be professional”, put on that game face, etc. All of those pent up emotions become STRESS because we are so busy trying to “keep it together” – it takes a lot of energy to do that.  We keep pushing all those emotions down and put on a game face when really inside we just want to scream and go….”AH!!!!!!!!!!!”

We have a healthcare system that helps us to not feel by providing so many medications for a plethora of pain.  It’s ridiculous the extent of pain medication and pills that are consumed and made to help people NOT feel.  Do you realize that that industry is making a killing off of depriving us of having a connection to our body and having our own intuition & wisdom for our health and overall well- being?  It’s become normal to take drugs and be dumbed down. Read the rest of this entry »

Awakening & Enlightenment

Most people have this idea of what awakening and enlightenment is and typically you hear people say, “oh it’s about being positive or positive thinking.”

It’s actually quite the opposite and much more than just positive thinking.

True awakening and enlightenment is a destruction. A destruction of yourself as you know yourself to be. It’s a breaking down & falling apart of all the points of views, beliefs and identity of yourself, others and the world. It can actually be quite scary. It’s about embracing the dark and going into the unknown. Living with depth and being reborn.

It is also about really looking at yourself and taking responsibility for everything that happens to you and I mean EVERYTHING.

Things don’t just happen to you. Read the rest of this entry »

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