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Rebirth & Emergence


These past couple years of awakening for me has been profound and challenging.  A time of letting go and the breaking down of everything I believed in; which was basically everything in my life.

When I turned within to the only true Source, the true Presence, Intelligence and Power that runs through us all;  I came into our multi-dimensional truth & saw past illusion after illusion in the world we live in today.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  It was mind control, psychological warfare, the raping of our energy & downright ugly.

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The Rise of the Divine Feminine


I’ve been feeling the intense energies of the collective all week, especially that of all women.

When somebody who is in a position that can potentially be our country’s leader talks about women the way that he has…it hits us all to the core.

It brings up all personal instances and occasions for all women, who have been oppressed, suppressed, taken advantage of or something or another to diminish their spirit and their sacredness.

I know it has for me…

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