For most of my life, I have always searched for something more.

Growing up it was about being the best in whatever I did.  Whether it was playing the piano & figure skating competitively or going to school.  My identity was about being the best I could be. I was conditioned by my parents – 2nd place wasn’t good enough and B’s were definitely not good enough!

When I started working at a mortgage lending company a couple years after college I remember thinking, if I made a certain amount of money & I was #1 in the company sales, then I’ve REALLY made it & I would be happy. I reached that point and I was making the most money I ever did…and I remember the exact moment when I thought; is this IT?  IS THIS REALLY IT?

I was miserable.

To the outside world, it probably looked like I had it all…and what really mattered (although I didn’t know it at the time) is what’s happening in the inside, inside my soul.

My soul was suffering and in so much pain.  So much pain from the trauma I had experienced growing up, all of the negative thinking patterns that I had for myself and trying to be “perfect” all the time…I was so hard on myself and I did everything to the extreme to try and cover the pain.

No matter what I did, I could never be good enough.  I was my own worst enemy.  I came to the realization that I really didn’t like myself and I wanted to change that.  After all it was really messing up my relationships with men. 😉

Then, I embarked on my personal development journey.  I was desperate to feel good about myself and to really live a life that I loved.

First I jumped from therapist to therapist. I would share with them my stories and none of them could really give me the answer or solution I was looking for.  I got SICK of telling my sob story over and over again.  From there for the past 10 years – I have sought out and done a gamut of personal development programs, worked with a variety of mentors, healers & gurus and immersed myself in energetic work, learning about the different energetics that our vast universe comprises of and effects us and as I healed…I started to guide and help others on their healing.

ALL of it has helped me to be who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful…

This summer, on a whim, at a request of a dear girlfriend; I joined her on a trip to see a famous healer named John of God in Brazil – there, I had the most deep & profound spiritual awakening.

Since then, I have had a strong direct line of communication with Spirit (i.e. God, Universe, Prime Creator, the highest consciousness – whatever you call your God.  I am spiritual not religious, just FYI :)) as well as this magical invisible spirit world that we live along side of and I have been living life very differently. Being with John of God and experiencing what I did in Brazil and all that unfolded after –  helped me to REALLY come into my own.  I am no longer looking outside of myself for the “answer”.

I am the answer.

So much wisdom and information flows through me from Spirit now (it flows through ALL of us – it’s a Universal Spirit after all) and I am finally able to really hear it, BE it and live it.  I trust myself and my own intuition. I work directly with Spirit and the invisibles. It’s magical…

This blog is a platform and forum to share all the wisdom and knowledge that flows through me from Spirit as I now embark on my real spiritual journey.  The true undertaking of it.

I’m going to be REAL, vulnerable and go deep.  Some of the things that I share are definitely going to be outside of the box that our minds have been conditioned to believe. I would love for you to read and participate here with me and at the same time, this isn’t going to be for everyone.  And that’s ok. 😉

Even though I will be sharing my experiences, this blog really isn’t about me.

I just want to share the light & pass on the wisdom that I’m receiving.

I would be so honored, humbled and grateful, if you would like to join me on our journey here.

Thank you.

Love and Light,

Erika Kita