Rebirth & Emergence

by Erika Kita


These past couple years of awakening for me has been profound and challenging.  A time of letting go and the breaking down of everything I believed in; which was basically everything in my life.

When I turned within to the only true Source, the true Presence, Intelligence and Power that runs through us all;  I came into our multi-dimensional truth & saw past illusion after illusion in the world we live in today.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  It was mind control, psychological warfare, the raping of our energy & downright ugly.

Every single system that we have socially accepted as the norm: the government, healthcare, media, food, education, religion; the list goes on and on. Everything was designed by “the powers that be” to control us, suppress us, oppress & divide and conquer us all.

The matrix was built to keep us in fear and to manipulate us into becoming mass consumers for shit we don’t even need and ultimately, to keep us from our truth & slowly kill us.  

We’ve accepted it all as the truth & the norm without even questioning it…we are all living in an illusion – the matrix.

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

– JFK 

Nothing in our world is set up to actually fulfill us and help us be the Divine, magical & powerful beings that we really are.


Not only that, it’s a trickle down effect.  There is an agenda that is being pushed down on all of us from the power hungry “powers that be” and whether we want to admit it or not  WE have become them as well. 

I looked around and everybody had an agenda that they were trying to push on everybody else.

Even mentors who I had trusted with my soul had an agenda of their own and turned out to just be another illusion after illusion…

I became resistant to humanity and afraid to let people in because nobody was who they were pretending to be.  Nobody was actually being real with themselves, so how can they be real with me or the world?

I started to resent LA & my real estate work, which to me, reflected the epitome of what the matrix is about.

People all around me were so fake, full of egos, focused on money, power (not the pure kind) & fame, pushing their agendas onto me & others and thinking they weren’t.  Everybody was a slave to the system & just trying to survive.  Hustling whoever they could, whenever they could.

It made me sick.

It drained my soul & I wanted out…

I wanted my life to be a big FUCK YOU to the system & the “powers that be”…

I wanted to go to a beautiful, peaceful far off land and maybe just write and share my awareness from there; not have to interact with people & the world so much.

It was all so overwhelming because I have felt and experienced something so profound & beyond this physical world and I felt the dogma, the discord, the dis-association from myself and everybody else and it was so fucking painful. 


Then I had an epiphany…

When I am resisting and hating…I’ve let the darkness take a hold of me.

They have me.

They have taken over me.

As long as I feel I have to escape anything I am a prisoner because I can never be free until I am truly free on the inside.

I’d been on this quest for my purpose and it was right in front of me this whole time.

I can’t reject humanity, society or anything in my life for that matter…I can’t reject anything in any way because then I am rejecting God and ultimately myself. 

God is in everything.

I had been resisting my life as it was, so it didn’t feel spiritually easy and I felt like it was draining me but like anything in life you never have to be drained, it’s a choice.

We have the power to choose. 

“Heaven on earth is a choice you must make not a place you must find”

– Wayne Dyer

All my life I have always had huge goals, a mountain to climb or seeking what’s next; what’s the next mountain to climb?

My mountain to climb was right in front of me…accepting, enjoying & loving myself, my life and the world exactly how it was and to stop seeking another mountain to climb.

To just be…





If I really want to make a difference I need to start by embracing and accepting my life; my reality exactly as it is right now.  Everything that I hated about my life and what I saw, what I wanted to escape from…that’s exactly where I needed to go to first and embrace it.

I can’t isolate myself and expect to make a difference in this world – I needed to be a part of the system that I despised so much.  I needed to bring what I know now and work from the inside out, not from the outside in.


I think the biggest fuck you that I can give to the system that strives to control & manipulate us is to be absolutely free and be the full, unadulterated energy of pure Source WITHIN it…

To be the full Presence, the Intelligence and Source that is within me…

To just be Erika, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  

It’s pretty simple but so fucking complicated in our chaotic, ego driven world isn’t it (where everything that surrounds us pushes us to be anything but ourselves)?….

To just truly be you. 

The real you. 

Your truth, no matter what the circumstance.  


I realize now that there is a new way for me to be integrated in this world and bring what I have learned on my journey thus far into what I have exactly in front of me; to bring my truth into something that I did not love….to my life here in LA and my real estate work.

I am learning to love what is, exactly as it is and exactly as it isn’t.

I’ve felt this calling that there was something more for me to do here and there is…I will be working on projects alongside my real estate work to fulfill my purpose here in this lifetime.

I will not give in to the darkness or the shadow side of myself and the world that haunts us & wants to overtake us.

We have the power.  


I’ve learned that until you truly love yourself, you are living in somebody else’s reality. You are just a pawn to somebody else’s game and until you truly own who you really are & your worth, you will in some way, somehow give your power away and not create your own reality…your dreams fulfilled.

That Erika that gave her power away isn’t here anymore.

I’ve had really tough situations and circumstances in my life and I see now how my soul called for them because I didn’t realize my worth and so I could learn from them and say never again

Never again will I give my power away to anything or anyone other than the supreme Power, Intelligence and Force within me…that IS me…

This Pure Energy that is in all of us, never asks us to worship it or to give our power to it because we are this Divine force.  It’s not outside of us…it’s within all of us.

If you really let that sink in…can you remember who you really are deep down in the depths of your soul?


I AM here to create my own reality and bring the love, the light and this pure Intelligence to everything and everywhere I go…

I’m the glitch in the matrix. 😉