Love: The Purest Form

by Erika Kita


(Moorea from Magic Mountain) 

It’s hard not to feel and be in love in the magical French Polynesian islands.  Mother Nature’s beauty is breathtaking and Her life force and love runs deep, flowing effortlessly.

Bora Bora is now my most favorite place in the world yet and also where I experienced the best snorkeling thus far.  I’m completely blissed out here.


(Bora Bora partial view of my bungalow & beach front) 

Sitting here writing this in front of my beach front bungalow in Bora Bora filled with so much awe and grace.  The past week visiting Moorea and Bora Bora has filled my heart & soul to whole new depth.

I experienced love like I never have before…

Prior to my trip I had been feeling the call to swim with whales and was so happy to see that I would be making the tail end of whale season while I was in Moorea (they migrate in November).  I went out in hopes of swimming with them two days in a row since the first day they were moving too fast and we didn’t have a chance to swim with them.  The second day after hours of chasing them (seeing beautiful calf and mommy whale and others who were on the go) I thought, maybe I’m not meant to swim with them this time around and let go of needing to swim with them.

Of course, the minute I let go our guide said, “There’s one resting right there, get your gear ready if you want to go swim with him.”

I wasn’t even surprised, this always happens to me! The minute I let go of what I want I typically get it.  It’s how the Universal law & energy works.

(listening to the male whale’s song on day 1 from the boat) 

From the moment I jumped into the ocean I could hear the whale singing; it was the male whale singing his mating call to the female.  It felt like he was literally right next to me.  I could hear his song so loud & clearly in the water; it was vibrating throughout my body.  We kept swimming towards him but after 5 or 10 minutes we realized that he had started to swim again and we couldn’t catch up with him, so we headed back onto the boat.

Our whale expedition was now over and as we headed towards our next destination I had a vision of making love with a man in my near future; I was crying during our love making because it was so deep and pure.  For a second I thought to myself, Erika, wtf, why are you thinking of sex right now?  All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with so much emotion as tears started to flow down my face…

I was having an energetic experience from the vibration & frequency of the whale and his song that he sang.  The energy from his music had permeated my whole body and being to the depths of my core.

There I was, sitting & having an overwhelming energetic, sexual & sensual experience in the middle of the ocean on a boat surrounded by a handful of people.  But when I say sexual, it’s not the kind of sexual that we may immediately go to and think about.  It wasn’t the kind of sexual for just pleasure and the way that society has portrayed it down to lust & pleasure; although of course, it felt good.

What I was experiencing was something profoundly different…

It was deep.

It was primal.

It was spiritual.

It was grounding.

It was ecstatic.

It was so pure.

It was love.

It was love in the purest form imaginable.

I can’t even explain this experience in a way to do it justice (experiences are meant to be felt, not to be explained).

I have never felt or experienced this kind of pure love.

The whale’s song was so much more than a mating call; he was opening & sharing himself from a deep, deep profound place in his soul & singing his song of pure truth & love to call his love to him.   

I could feel it, hear it and I understood it. It was beyond beautiful…

It was so profound and I was in awe & filled with grace with the magnitude and depth of what I was feeling and experiencing.

It touched and awoke something deep, deep within me.

My whole being, my soul was responding to it and I was unraveling with tears streaming down my face on the boat. I think I was also responding to the call of a man who was deeply connected to his truth and that was the vision I had seen…

In that moment I knew that Mother Nature had delivered.  I didn’t need to actually swim with the whales; I was delivered exactly what my soul needed even though it wasn’t in the shape or form I was expecting it in.

It’s amazing how much Mother Nature responds to you and you can see and hear so much magic when your receptors are open to it.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength & inspiration.”

– Nikola Tesla 

I literally feel like I’m on drugs when I’m experiencing the purest forms of nature and their energy; it’s a natural high.  Our bodies are made to feel so much more than we have been taught or conditioned to believe.

The Universe speaks in the form of energy, vibration and frequency and you have to go beyond the mind, to experience this.  In fact, you have to “lose” your mind.  It’s invisible, yet stronger than any form of manipulation.  If you are awake to it, there is so much wisdom and communication that is happening all the time.  The natural flow of the Universe is stronger than anything else in the multiverse.

This natural flow…is love.


Animals help to hold the frequency and vibration of our planet, our mutual home.  I felt how much the whales provide this support for us through their energy & frequency, how much they are actually doing for us to hold the space of love & equilibrium for our planet.  It’s not just whales either, it’s all animals. Birds do this through their singing & music too. Every single being is an important piece to our magical home we call Mother Earth.

All animals have a consciousness and are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Our human ego likes to think that we are better than the rest when in actuality, we are the ones that need to look deeper within for the truth.

We take so much for granted and we are killing our home through industrialization…killing the ecosystems and therefore our animals who are the ones that help keep our home alive and flourishing.

We take nature for granted.

Mother Nature knows exactly how the Universe works…She is the Universe.

The animals know their truth.  They live their truth.

Nature is the purest form of love.

It’s not a coincidence that we human beings yearn to go to these beautiful, exotic places that are not industrialized and in the lush magic of nature.  Nature speaks to those who will listen.

Pay attention & listen closely…

Mother Nature gives us the energy that we need.  Even more so if you consciously honor Her with reverence. Magic and the mystical happens.

Honor her and she will honor you. 

Nature is meant to be wild and free.  While I was staying at the Intercontinental in Moorea, I was saddened to see three dolphins held captive, trained and conditioned to do what we want them to do for our entertainment purposes.  It’s interesting…it’s actually what has happened to the human race and we don’t even realize it.  We don’t even realize that we live in a cage and how much we have been conditioned and trained ourselves by society and the powers that be.  We do to other beings what we have been taught and shown ourselves.


This is why it’s so important for each and every one of us to go within, free ourselves and unleash our true Spirit.  When each and every one of us can do this for ourselves, this is when we will truly create the world that is meant to be our destiny.

Only then, will we stop controlling, forcing and manipulating other beings, including each other, for our own personal gain (our egos).  When we are completely free ourselves, there is no way you cannot free others.  The world is only a reflection of yourself.


(Moorea at a secluded beach) 

I feel the most free these days in the wild…

Rather than hang out at the Intercontinental pool and beach area, I found myself wandering and drawn to the part of the island where the locals lived. I wanted to experience the heart and soul of Moorea (you don’t get that at the resorts).  The energy was different in this part of the island and I would seek out secluded private beaches to watch the sunset. At one point I was hanging out with 3 little Tahitian girls and their grandpa who spoke only French.  We didn’t understand a thing that each other was saying, but it didn’t matter.  When you come from the heart, it’s a universal language.

I learn so much from Mother Earth and her Divine presence.  She has become my teacher and guides me on my soul’s unfolding during my journeys.  These beautiful destinations around the world offer so much more than just a place to visit for vacation and tourism if you are awake to the natural wonders and the magic that surrounds you.

There is so much wisdom that nature, the ancients and the energy of the lands that we journey through provides if you take the time to truly connect and listen. This is why I have been relishing traveling alone this past year.  I am never truly alone…

Maruru Moorea and Bora Bora…you have shown me how much more I can love and the kind of pure love I will hold space for in another and the world.

With deepest gratitude…

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” 

FullSizeRender-3.jpg(Bora Bora at a motu