Being your own doctor, therapist and ultimate healer

by Erika Kita


This morning, I woke up with my right eye really swollen, barely able to open and see through it.

Initially, I panicked and thought, shit I need to go to the eye doctor, my eye is infected!

It’s funny because just the other day I was thinking about how I have such an amazing connection to my body and I don’t need to go to the doctor for anything.  I listen to my body and know exactly what is going on.

I paused and thought wait a minute Erika…you created this somehow…so you can heal it yourself too (you create your reality in every moment).

I have a healing book that I use for reference that lists body symptoms and what each symptom and disease means…“Problems with the eye means there is something that we are afraid of and don’t want to see.  Pinkeye shows that we are in denial about a situation in our life and have been suppressing anger.  The unhealed issue is clouding our vision.  We are looking through rose-colored glasses rather than squaring up to the issue at hand.“

After reading that I went into meditation and asked my Higher Self and all my guides for help in showing me what I needed to see that I wasn’t seeing and feeling.  I started getting visions of friendships that I had cut off because I was hurt and mad at them for bullying me in a way.  I thought that I had already forgiven them.  When I looked deeper though…I really hadn’t.  I was shown that I too had bullied them in a way and others in my past in this lifetime and past lifetimes.  That I hadn’t fully forgiven them because I hadn’t fully forgiven myself…

It’s hard sometimes to really look at yourself and see that you have been and actually were the “bad” guy.  Ultimately, we only condemn a person out there if we are condemning some part of ourselves (our shadow self)…the world always reflects what is happening inside yourself and brings you situations and circumstances (like problems with my eye) to help you face it.  Most of the time we don’t even realize all these little signals because we are so disconnected from ourselves that we don’t pick up on these magical signs and are aware.

If you are really aware though…every little symptom, conversation, interaction, connection & more is a synchronicity & signal that the Universe is bringing to you for your soul’s unfolding.  Nothing is ever random…

I started to ask for help in forgiving them and ultimately forgiving myself.  As I did this, the energy started shifting and the energy in my eye started moving, it started to open up and not hurt!  In that moment I knew that I had acknowledged and accepted what was really happening within me…I was also allowing myself to feel how I really felt deep within…

“It’s impossible to heal the body, without healing the soul.”

– Socrates 

I had not wanted to see and acknowledge the anger that I had within, so my body had to express it for me, through my eye. It was literally telling me…Look! You are not seeing something! Pay attention.

I am in awe of how our biology works with us.  Our body is not separate from us.  Diseases and these symptoms don’t just happen to you out of no where….they are all signs signaling us to truly look at ourselves, take repsonsibility and change.

When you have this intimate relationship with yourself, your body and turn to Spirit within you…your Spirit gives you all the knowledge and wisdom you need in your soul’s growth and healing.

Feels amazing and magical to be able to “diagnose”, heal and work with myself and Spirit within me about anything and to ultimately be my own healer.

Thank you Universe.  ❤

“Your body holds deep wisdom

Trust in it 

Honor it

Learn from it 

Nourish it 

And watch your life transform and be healthy.”