Trusting the Process

by Erika Kita


“Oh what we see when we finally stop looking.” – Tyler Knott Greyson

I’ve been back in the City of Angels for about a week now from being in Brazil with John of God and completely taking myself off the grid for a month, including being off all technology.

It’s been an intense, deep, sacred and magical journey.

I’m still processing and integrating from it all and I’ve been allowing myself the space to take the time to slowly ease back into what some of my friends call…civilization. 🙂 

At JOG, I worked very closely and intensely with Spirit and my angel guides in my healing and evolvement – especially on my relationship around men this time.  I will share more about what unfolded for me while there in a future blog post. I need more time to process & integrate it all as I am still moving and feeling through some things.

Other than that, part of my intention for going to JOG was to create what was next for me in really living a life of purpose and passion and more specifically, have a plan for that.

What I do know, is that I am still going to work in real estate as what’s next for me unfolds and I am going to be guiding a group to Brazil to John of God in June (message me for details if you are interested in joining). 

Other than that, my plan is yet to be revealed.

I’ve always had a plan for what’s next…that’s kind of the norm and what society has trained us to have.  Goals, achievements, etc.

As I went into my meditation the other day I asked Spirit and my angel guides, “Show me what I need to see…what’s next for me?  What do I do now.”  I have ideas and a sense of what is next for me, however, I don’t have a solid plan and I was asking them for help.

The message I got was…it’s a process, trust in the process. 

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I realized in that moment, wow, there I go again leading with my mind and wanting certainty. I’m constantly checking in with myself, am I coming from the mind or am I listening to my soul and Spirit – which have two very different outcomes and perspectives and also energetically flow very differently.  

The mind wants so much, security and control.  Whether it be in relationships, work, your life…the mind is always looking to have control and certainty to be safe.  Especially in this day and age of instant gratification we have become so consumed with getting the answer immediately, producing results now…we’ve become so busy doing doing doing all the time that there is no room to experience, to feel, to listen to your soul signals and notice the magic & beauty around you.

The thing is, playing it safe, doesn’t give you a life of passion.

All magic & passion happens in the unknown amidst the uncertainty and chaos. 

If you think about it, everything that has happened to you that ever has been really worth it or exciting – did you expect it to happen?

Magic happens when you least expect it.  That’s how energy flows…because there is actually space for something else to occur when you allow yourself to be in the space of the unknown.

When you have an idea of how things should be – there is no space for anything else to arise.

Expectations is a formula for killing passion. 

I realized this time (again), it’s not about me having a plan or doing it my way.

This time, it’s about surrendering to the Divine’s force of nature and the Divine’s plan for me.

When you trust in a higher consciousness (God, Spirit, Universe whatever your higher source is), things don’t always happen the way that you want it to happen or in the timing that you want it to happen in.

So much of my life I have always had this plan of what I think my life should look like, by a certain time, etc – conditioned by society and our cultural status quo. It all comes from the mind and what we think we should do or what we need to do…it’s not real.

When you follow your soul and Spirit – that’s where the real deal is.  That’s where passion ignites.

When we allow ourselves to surrender to the unknown & Spirit and relish in the uncertainty there is space for something even more exhilarating and magical to arise that our minds can’t even fathom – something unfolds to a level beyond our imagination. So much sweeter than we can ever hope…or plan for.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been loving traveling alone with no agenda…the Universe has been bringing to me exactly what I need for my soul’s unfoldment because I haven’t had a plan. I’ve just been following the magic and the signals that I get. I’ve been experiencing, truly living and being.  I have been getting inspired and figuring things out along the way.

That’s the beauty of the creative process of any kind of art; it’s in the process of creation that beauty forms.

Life is an art…

If you allow yourself to just surrender to the unknown and trust in Spirit’s plan for you –  so much magic starts coming your way, things start to happen effortlessly and even more amazing than you thought it would. 

There is so much beauty, awe and grace in surrendering to the unknown and Spirit and embracing the full range of it all – with all it’s ups and downs, uncomfortableness, chaos and uncertainty.

There is no strategy, plan or formula in creating a life of passion.

There is no one way.

There is no one path.

A life of passion is a beautiful dance and it’s constantly changing and evolving.

So right now, I’m just allowing myself to relish in the unknown & uncertainty, surrender and trust in an Intelligence that far surpasses what the human may know.

It’s not for us to know everything all the time and this is where most of us get lost…

I pray, meditate and vision every day to connect to Source and focus my attention on what I want, who I need to be and what I need to heal (healing is a process too).

I dream with intentionality.

I condition the space around me (it’s all about energy)…the Universe brings to you what you are vibrating.

There are forces that immediately respond to your advancement and consciousness and I allow for the Divine Intelligence to move through me with no resistance and as I do this, I am trusting myself, the process, following the signals for what the Divine has in store for me and I know, magic will unfold.

“Her light is the first thing people notice.

Her eyes have a magnetic pull of their own

She is an artist

The creator of her own life

Her beautiful chaos, the muse.”

  • – I Am Her Tribe –