John of God

by Erika Kita

John of God is probably one of the world’s best known trance mediums.  A trance medium is someone who incorporates spirits (allows spirits to take over the body) and during the time that he is incorporated he does not remember anything that is happening.  He works 3 days a week, free of charge, at the spiritual center called the Casa de Dom Ignacio in a small town in Brazil, called Abadiania.

JOG (John of God) incorporates many spirits including spiritual doctors, saints, psychologists, who work with visitors coming from all over the world that suffer from physical, spiritual, mental and/or emotional illness of any kind. Thousands of people travel from around the world to come to him in hopes of healing many diseases that the world has no cure for such as AIDS, cancer, ALS, MS…JOG and the phalange of spirits who he works with have healed many (JOG always says it’s not him who heals, it’s God).  Many come to him as a last resort since nothing else has worked.

Many visitors come here for their health, however, there are those like me who go for their spiritual and emotional healing and evolution – which quite frankly, it’s all tied together to your health.


Abadiania is a very small town with not much to do at all, except go to the Casa (kind of like a spiritual campus) where John of God is. They say that there is a spiritual hospital that is over the Casa and the spirits are always working with us. 

From the moment that I stepped into the town for the first time, this past summer in July, I could feel the energy…it was so potent and different.  The veil to the other side is so thin.

I had made contact with spirits on the other side a couple times before coming to John of God by “accident” and was still trying to make sense of it all…and it was here, that I learned more about Spiritism and started to understand and be more aware of the realm of the spirit world.  We may not be able to see them and we affect each other so much. The invisibles are so powerful, so much more powerful than the “solid” world that we currently live in (where we think everything is solid and not easily changeable). It is our birthright to know this and to learn to connect with the invisibles.

I spent my days , journaling, meditating, praying and being with nature.  No TVs and no technology whatsoever.  I barely went onto my phone.  I never wore make up and didn’t have to think of what to wear or how I looked, nobody cared about that.  We wore all white so that the spirits could see us better, since they read our energy…our energetic blueprint. We weren’t there to look good. We were there to go within.


After two days of just being…I remember sitting at the Casa gazing out from the veranda to the beautiful valleys of Abadiania and I was overcome with so much emotion.  I was crying at the realization that I couldn’t even remember when the last time was that I allowed myself to just be. Just be without anywhere to get to or do, without any distractions, without having an agenda, without needing to make a phone call back or text somebody back, no agenda except to just be with myself, Spirit and nature.

My body, did some sort of major adjustment to all of this and it was as if all my senses were waking up for the first time, waking up to another level that I had never experienced before.  There was this sense of pure joy.  PURE JOY…doing absolutely nothing.


As my time there progressed, synchronicities and manifestations became the norm.  Whatever I thought…would happen. Whether it be good or bad thoughts…they would happen!  I started to get freaked out because I realized how I needed to really watch my thoughts because they would instantly manifest and there were thoughts that I definitely did not want to manifest! Being at JOG in the energy, was an incubator for manifestation, creativity and also a space where you could see how your subconscious mind would play out in real time.  So in that way, I was able to really work with myself and the spirits on my evolvement and healing.

Have you ever heard the term, whatever you resist persists?  It’s real people.  Whatever  you think you don’t want and whatever you want – will happen. So if you worry a lot, let this be a lesson.  We need to focus on the things that you do want for yourself and the world. 

All this media that we see with all this violence going on…when we focus on it, that’s what we will have more of. That’s how energy works. Energy goes where attention flows. The ‘global elite’ want us to focus on these types of negative distractions because it really takes us away from focusing on ourselves, who we really are. Some of these distractions are set up and we milk it in from the media as if it’s real.

This is just a snippet of what life looked like for me at JOG that blew my mind away (literally).  It was a continuous movie of sorts of my subconscious mind playing out and then me being aware of how it would play out and then working with the spirits to help heal those parts of me.  

Every day I would pray to them to help heal my relationships with my family members – they were not bad and they were not the relationship of my dreams either.  Every day I would pray for everything under the sun that I could think of – Spirit has no limits on what you can ask for.


What I got while being there – #1 for me is my family.  If I can’t make it with my family members and I mean have ecstatic joyous relationships of just pure love with each of my family members – what’s the point of having that with others and/or helping others have that. I wanted and needed to have the kind of relationships that I see in my dreams with my mom, dad, my brother and my soon to be sister in law. How you show up around your family and the ones that you are closest to is where you can learn the most lessons and see where you need to change; if you are really paying attention and take responsibility for yourself. As I am sure you all have experienced, all our “stuff” shows up especially around those we love the most. 

Every day, I would journal and pray for things that I saw I needed healing in and also what I wanted out of life for myself and the world.

I can go on and on of many more stories of what happened and has continued to unfold for me as I have learned to work with Spirit and the invisibles directly.  Since being there, my intuitive and psychic abilities have opened up to another realm. The Universe has been opened to me on a whole nother level, it’s incredible and sometimes scary how vast of a universe we live in and the more aware and open you become, the more that is shown to you. Sometimes I’ve been shown things that are quite scary and outside my comfort zone…and I know, that love and light, will always prevail and transcend darkness.  Always.

What I want everyone to know….is that we all have angel guides ready and waiting to help us – we just need to ask.  We all are psychic and intuitive.  We all can manifest instantly and effortlessly….however, in our society we have been so dumbed down with so many distractions that we have forgotten our true magical mystical natures. 

TV, technology, drugs (all kinds), GMOS, junk food, chem trails, media…just to name a few are what the ‘global elite’ use to dumb us down and control us –   so that we don’t remember our true powerful nature.

To connect to our true selves, we must connect to nature & learn to love ourselves. Really love every single ounce of ourselves and this is part of everyone’s spiritual journey.  We need to heal and you may be asking what do I need to heal?…your fears.  Any of your fears. This is the key to your kingdom and to the cosmos.  To connect to the Spirit within you. Everything else can wait and this cannot.

We also must learn to be grounded, in our bodies, feel all of our emotions and stop ‘escaping’ from what we may think is painful by distracting ourselves with a plethora of things that are at hand for us.  There are so many people that are in pseudo-awaken (pretend/half a** awakened), meaning – you think that you just gotta think positively  or you think you are spiritual and awakened, however, inside you have emotions and pain that you are not allowing yourself to feel. You are not congruent. You must learn to feel your pain and embody what it truly means to be awakened (refer to my post on Enlightenment and Awakening).

It’s amazing how much opens up and how life becomes so joyous when you learn to love yourself and your body – and use your Divine natural gifts.  It’s like being on drugs, naturally – life becomes ecstatic and joyous – even the things we may think are painful, they all become the beauty and joy of life.  They never taught us in school how to love ourselves. They never taught us in school the beautiful mystery of the connection between the body and the mind and how that affects what we manifest in our outside world.  Why?…

Each of us, are creators.  We create every single moment in our lives and can manifest anything. Nothing happens in randomness – everything is cooperative and interconnected and extraordinarily significant and purposeful. There is no technology that is more powerful than you, your biology.  We need to really start to accept that power and play with it…

After 3 weeks of being in the energy at JOG back in July and disconnecting from all technology & the “outside” world – when I first flew back into LAX, I had a breakdown.  My soul was crying out.  I was having sensory overload and seeing how disconnected everybody was. We are so far from who we really are. Disconnected from what life really is about. 

We are here to evolve. You may not remember your past lives (or perhaps some of you do) and we keep coming back to evolve until we reach a certain point.  We don’t remember our past lives, however, we do come back with the knowledge, wisdom and evolvement that we “died” with in each life.

“We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We have all become machines and robots…working hard and achieving to look good for status, own material things that we don’t even get to take to the other side and we’re on this hamster wheel. All this for what…to feed our egos.  

There are many beings that live in this universe on different planets and earth is one of the most un-evolved planets in the universe (yes the government controlled by the ‘global elite’ keeps that truth from us too. They know that there are other beings in this universe).  It’s pretty sad.

After being at JOG and experiencing pure joy by just being; coming back to LA was a rude awakening.  It took me another 3 weeks just to get re-adjusted to “this world” again.  This matrix that we live in…it’s not real.  We need to wake up.

It’s our job to start questioning and really choosing for ourselves, what’s real and not real, instead of just believing everything that we have been fed and are being fed, even our history. It’s our job to start taking responsibility for ourselves and our bodies.

Our true Spirit, the Spirit within us is so powerful.  We can literally manifest whatever our hearts desire – you just need to connect to your spiritual self – beyond your mind. 

Being with JOG has given me the gift of remembering who I really am. 

I am back in Brazil now to bathe in the energy and work with the spirits for at least a month this time…I knew when I left in July that I had to come back because my inner work was not done yet.  Being in the energy is a perfect place to create and manifest whatever your soul desires….for me anyways, that’s what my intention is and to also create what I want for the world.  My life has become about how I can be the best in order to serve the world the best.  I have surrendered myself to Spirit.

This experience has been so profound for me that part of what I will be doing next is guiding groups to John of God next year.  I don’t understand why people don’t know about this in the masses?  It’s kind of crazy what kind of things the media will blast onto the world to see and then the things that actually truly help the spirit, is barely shared.  Why?…I am starting to see exactly why more and more now that I delve into my Spirit and own gifts…the more I connect to nature and disconnect from technology the more magical, joyous and mystical my life has become.

This isn’t for everyone…for me, there’s no turning back.  Once you see the truth, the real truth and feel it in your bones – you just can’t live a lie anymore.  My reality is so different from most and I know, that this has to become the new reality for humanity and our planet earth to heal as a whole.

I’ve received so many private messages and texts from you all with so many heartfelt messages and shares since starting my blog, with deepest gratitude, thank you all for your love and support.

I want you all to know, whatever I say and share that touches your heart and soul is not me…it’s Spirit flowing through me. This Universal Spirit flows through you, flows through all of us and connects all of us in the fabric of life – we are ultimately all one. You are touched by me because I am a part of you and you are a part of me, there is no separation…We are all a part of each other – the Universal Spirit.

I know some of the things that I am sharing are really outside of most people’s comfort zone and just plain weird…and, if you have any curiosity or if it awakens any sort of feelings in you, it’s because deep in your soul, a part of you does remember and/or your soul knows the truth…

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Right now in this moment, if you have anything that is tugging at your heart and soul that you want to do…do it now.  Take the risk.  The Universe will support you if you fully trust that it will. You have nothing to lose…or perhaps you have everything to lose if you don’t.

Ask Spirit and your angel guides for guidance and live your dreams now, have faith in the unknown…the world needs more passion and people truly living and being congruent to themselves. That’s how you can help heal the world –  because the energy you are vibrating when you are in this state makes more of a difference than you can ever imagine – being your true selvesyour true essence.

Now…it’s my time to go off the grid completely and hang out with Spirit. Thank you for following me on this journey full of wonder.

Signing off from all technology and the “outside world” for at least the next month…see you on the flip side. 😉

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary.  For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” – Stuart Chase