Listening to My Soul

by Erika Kita


Right now I am in Boca Raton, FL on the first leg of my travels for the next couple months. Since my experience at John of God (which I will share more about soon) I have been living life very differently.  I live life on my terms and I know that the Universe will provide for me as long as I follow my passions, trust and surrender to the Divine plan that is unfolding for me.

I came here to attend the Tony Robbins’ week long Date with Destiny program.  What I wanted to get out of this program was to really create what was next for me and have a structure to fulfill it.  I work in real estate, it’s great and it’s not my passion.  I am grateful for it because it provides for me to be able to live the kind of life that I am living right now. However, I want to live a life of purpose and passion. I want and intend to share my gifts with the world. What that exactly looks like is yet to be revealed. 

Yesterday, I walked out of the seminar a couple days in and I’m getting a full refund.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Tony Robbins is absolutely incredible and I very much honor, appreciate him and his work. I would recommend his programs to anyone and I do. The man is all about transforming and inspiring people to live an extraordinary life and he produces outstanding results. There’s a reason why he is a self-made billionaire and charges other billionaires 1M a year for personal one on one coaching. I believe in his work and he is a master in personal development, has a huge heart and comes from a place of contribution –  he is truly making the world a better place.

I got the message from Spirit during meditation a month ago that I did not need to do anymore programs, read books or learn from anymore human beings about bettering myself (gawd knows I’ve done it all!) – that it was time for me to really connect to the Source within me. 

I had registered for this program prior to getting this message and I thought, I would just go through with it because I am sure I can learn something and I always do. I realized sitting in the seminar this week that this is what the old Erika did. I needed these programs at a certain point in my development, guidance from outside of myself and it served me very well. They all got me here to who I am today. However, this isn’t what the new Erika is about and what my soul is calling for.

It’s time for my spiritual development and evolution.  Right now I want to connect to myself and Spirit, first and foremost.  My soul craves being alone, dis-connecting from the “busyness” and all the distractions of the world, being with nature, being with Spirit, connecting to the invisibles and what’s real beyond the confines of the mind. I connect to Source and have angel guides that speak to me through my meditations and visions. Some people may think that this is “woo woo”, hocus pocus, “not real” and I totally get it…I’ve been there. We’ve been trained to only believe that what we see with the human eye and whatever we have hard evidence and facts for are the only things that are “real”.

Energy…the invisible forces within and around us are what’s real for me and even more powerful than this solid world that we live in based on materialism.  I sense and feel people’s energies before their words.  I am very aware and communicate with the invisible spirit world that we live in parallel with and we very much affect each other. The invisibles has become my reality and the reality that I live in now. I am not special nor do I have any  special “gifts” that are not available to you, to any human being. I plan on delving more into this on my future blog posts.

What I see, that is most urgent for the world right now is that all of us need to connect to our spiritual selves – first and foremost.  Most of the strategies that I have learned from all these programs are using the mind and it takes you very far…and then there’s more.  When your connection to yourself is whole and complete and you work with Spirit directly – any problems with your relationships, work, life in general – they automatically reorganize around the quality of your relationship to yourself and your direct connection you have with your Spirit, the Universe. 

Manifestation happens instantly and effortlessly if you really trust and believe that the Universe can and will provide. It takes allowing yourself to jump into the unknown, which can be scary.  Fear has become my compass for where I need to go.  When I get scared, I know that it’s exactly what I need to do and go through for my unfoldment.  I have learned to embrace the fear and the unknown.

My angel guides guided me to leave the program as I sat next to a man yesterday who mentioned to me that he was leaving at lunch and getting his money back.  In that moment I knew…that message was for me. We are always getting messages from our angel guides…are you listening?

So here I am at the beach! Connecting to nature and blogging about my spiritual journey. Grateful for this time that I have now to go within, connect to Spirit and create what’s next for me by following my soul calling and my knowing.

I have no idea what exactly –  what’s next for me looks like…and I know that I am so guided.  It’s such a paradox and feels so good…not knowing, yet knowing and trusting that you are so guided. There is nothing to be scared of.


This was an opportunity for me to listen to my soul and to stand even more in my truth – I am not looking outside of myself for anything.

It’s all within me.  

I am listening to Spirit within me.

I went through the fire and back to get here…grateful.

Thank you.