Emotions & Feeling

by Erika Kita

Feeling all of your emotions is the key to unlocking your human potential.

Emotions are also the key to your health.

It’s even the key to experiencing other realms and dimensions…which I may share about in a future post.

Most of us have been taught from a young age not to feel our emotions, especially the ones that we consider not so “good” – such as feeling sad, anxious, ashamed, angry, etc. We’ve grown up with these beliefs that showing your emotions shows weakness or that we need to “keep it together”, “be strong”…shame on us if we were to actually let anybody know how we really felt.  Especially out in public or in the workplace  –   we need to act a certain way, “be professional”, put on that game face, etc. All of those pent up emotions become STRESS because we are so busy trying to “keep it together” – it takes a lot of energy to do that.  We keep pushing all those emotions down and put on a game face when really inside we just want to scream and go….”AH!!!!!!!!!!!”

We have a healthcare system that helps us to not feel by providing so many medications for a plethora of pain.  It’s ridiculous the extent of pain medication and pills that are consumed and made to help people NOT feel.  Do you realize that that industry is making a killing off of depriving us of having a connection to our body and having our own intuition & wisdom for our health and overall well- being?  It’s become normal to take drugs and be dumbed down.

Most of us turn to drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking, becoming a couch potato watching TV or staying “busy” to disconnect and “deal” with our stress…so many different ways that we go about to numb ourselves and “escape”.

The more that we do not allow ourselves to feel, the more disease and symptoms that shows up (aka aches and pains, headaches, insomnia, etc). It takes so much energy to hold all of those unexpressed emotions in your body – they need to come out somehow – and they do – as disease and symptoms. If you experience depression – that is a form of anger not being expressed. You become depressed because you are not allowing yourself to feel and express the anger.

Emotions are energy and when felt like they are supposed to be felt – they actually fuel you to make a change and give you more energy in your life.  We’ve become robots who do not feel and that’s why most of the world is stressed out, tired and acting out.

We’ve become so scared to feel.  To have emotions and show emotions.  Numbing out has become the standard.  No wonder the world is screaming out and people seem so un-compassionate – we are all so numb.

We must learn how to feel again.

Be real.

Be sensitive.

We are sensitive beings, just like animals.  We are meant to feel a full range of emotions and use all of our senses.  Not just our mind, which most of us are stuck in. We need to get out of our minds and live from our hearts – that’s what is truly real.  Feeling is real.

Any sort of pain that you feel is your body’s magical and intuitive way of telling you that you need to make a change. It’s a signal for you to pay attention. Why would you take a pain killer or whatever your form is to numb yourself to NOT feel your body’s signal to you. Our bodies are magical and are always working for us (not against us). Are you listening? Or do you just shove it away and numb yourself out – basically, you are dumbing yourself down and escaping from yourself.  You think you are doing it to escape from the world or something happening outside of yourself …but it’s all you. You escaping from you.

Personally, I have not taken any form of medication for over the past 5 years. I have a very intimate relationship with myself and my body.  I used to do many things in the past to not feel and to escape –  drinking, smoking, drugs, kept myself busy always by working or socializing and doing a number of things in any given moment – I was always busy. I didn’t even realize at the time that I was doing it all to not feel. I thought I was just living life and in reality – I was just going through the motions and trying to survive.

Since then, I’ve learned to embrace and feel all of my emotions.  When I hurt, I let myself feel all of it and I always know exactly why I’m hurting, what is happening in my life or how I am being that my body is showing up a certain way to show me that I need to go a different way about it.

Some of my girlfriends who know how to feel their emotions and I have gotten to a point where if we have a disagreement or argument  – we don’t even talk about it.  If we talk about it and we haven’t felt our emotions yet, we’ll be doing a back and forth – pretty much a mind f*ck of who is right and wrong.  That’s what everyone is doing typically by gossiping, ranting, venting – at the end of the day, does it get you anywhere?  Or do you just feel more sh*tty.

So what we do, is take a pause from each other and allow ourselves to process our emotions, reflect on ourselves and see what it’s really about. Once we feel the emotions, we don’t even need to talk about it – we are able to move through it and have it be done without even having a conversation. Because it’s never about what is actually happening, it’s always about you and some emotion that you are not wanting to feel.  The Universe always brings you situations and people to stir you up/create some chaos and to help your soul unfold. That’s why you hear the saying…”all great change is preceded by chaos.” There is always a gift in the pain if you look for it. In fact, all great change and transformation never happens without pain.

One time, I had a huge canker sore – I knew it was about something that I was not acknowledging and accepting.  I have a healing book that actually lists what each symptom is related to…Canker Sores are related to “self judgment or judgement against others.  We are trying to hold back communication for fear of attacking”.  When I read this, I knew exactly what it was about at that time and I started to cry as I was coming to the realization of this.  As I cried, my canker sore literally started to dissolve the more that I felt into it and accepted what it was about. By the time I finished crying, my canker sore was gone. The canker sore had formed because I didn’t want to actually face this insecurity that I had brewing inside of me regarding a situation at that time.  I just pushed it away, didn’t want to think about it, although, it was definitely in my subconscious. Everything always goes into your subconscious that you push away.  Isn’t it amazing how connected our body is – so connected that any form of energy/emotion that you push away, it tries to move it out of your body in another form – however, the only way out is through the pain.

People hate getting sick…and did you know – that is your body’s magical way of replenishing itself.  Moving and clearing out that which no longer serves you so that it can make room for the new. Why would you take medicine to stop that?  Do you notice, that typically you will get sick when you are stressed out about something?…since you are not allowing yourself to feel your emotions, your body gets “sick” to express it for you. So really, we should call it something like I’m being re-fueled or re-energized, because that is what is really happening. What would it be like if we labeled it that! Being sick is not a bad thing as we have made it out to be. We need to learn to honor our body for knowing exactly what to do for us and trust the process.

We need to start questioning all of our beliefs and systems that we have been born into. They are not all “right”…we need to start listening to ourselves instead of just believing what we have been told.  We do not need all the things that we are told that we need wether it be medicine, electronics, gadgets, things…all things…. they do not serve our spirit, which is where all the juice of life is.  Nature takes care of itself – we are nature – we are able to take care of ourselves if we actually connected to the Divine in ourselves and allowed and trusted the process.

We need to all learn to have a relationship with ourselves and our bodies, that connection – so that we can consult ourselves, instead of looking outside of ourselves or trying to stop the pain.  The pain is the cure. We must learn to work with it not against it – actually embrace the pain and feel the uncomfortable emotions. They will move through you and transcend into something else even more amazing, if you allow it.  We don’t do this because we’ve been taught to be scared of pain –  that it’s bad…and when you learn to embrace and accept it – mountains move not only in your health; in your life.

This summer when I was in Brazil with John of God, I would ask my angel guides there, “show me what I need to see.” Sometimes, they would show me that I needed to feel certain emotions that I had held back. This one day, I started to feel really uncomfortable, not sure of myself and this wave of just feeling ashamed washed over me.  I remember sitting there and trying to figure out why I was feeling that way and really NOT wanting to feel it. That’s of course our first human response to yucky feelings. Then I remembered and told myself, Erika, why are you fighting it and trying to figure it out? When you feel an emotion, you don’t need to know the why. That’s the minds way of trying not to feel again! Trying to “figure it out”.  All you have to do is just feel. So I sat there…and I started to embrace the dis-comfort, the ickiness I was feeling (instead of pushing it away)….I embraced every single ounce of it, relished in it and accepted it….and pretty soon it moved through and transcended into something else – a sense of joy.  I needed to fully be with the dis-comfort first before it could move and transform into something else.

Emotion are like farts – if you allow it and accept it, it moves through quickly. It’s not a long drawn out process where you think you are going to be in pain for a long time (again that’s the mind’s way again of blocking out the pain and not wanting to feel).  I say that word fart to make an impact because it really is that short if you fully allow yourself to feel that anger, that sadness, that anxiety, that shame – whatever it is.

Sometimes at work when I’m in the office and I can feel tension rising in my body as I am working on deals, I will express it and let out a loud ‘ugh!!!!!’ and people around me go, “what’s wrong?” and I say, “Nothing! I’m just making a sound!” Quite honestly, since when did we have to become mutes in order for things to be OK.  As I mentioned, we are like animals and just like how you see dogs, shaking themselves out (they are shaking off other peoples energies) – we need to also shake ourselves out by allowing ourselves to make sounds and feel emotions when we feel it (instead of stuffing them down).

With Thanksgiving coming up and the full moon tomorrow night – the combination of these two this week is going to definitely bring up a lot of emotions to the surface and chances of making you feel uncomfortable – are pretty high.

Being around family brings out that Inner Child in us, the one whose feelings we may have ignored and pushed away.  When you feel uncomfortable emotions coming up this holiday season, I invite you to really observe yourself and practice embracing that uncomfortable feeling/emotion, rather than pushing it away (or drinking, smoking out a lot or whatever it is that you typically turn to – to not deal with it).

When I first started to allow myself to really feel all my emotions…I felt crazy. Literally crazy.  Since I wasn’t used to it….I was so used to NOT feeling, pushing down my emotions and making everything OK, being a certain way that I thought I needed to be. That equalled me being high strung and stressed out.

So, when I started to actually feel my emotions; I remember I literally felt like a lunatic – at first. One moment I would be crying…the next I would be happy….or sometimes I would just let out a loud UGHHHHHHH or scream (kind of what I would imagine what pregnancy is like and it’s because the body is going through so many changes that there is a full range of emotions to be felt – that is normal!).  My mom actually thought I lost it since she was definitely not used to feeling her emotions, let alone seeing me experience a full range of emotions (it made her feel really uncomfortable). She wanted me to go see somebody to get checked out! My answer to her was mom!….this is what it looks like to really be alive!

Feeling all of your emotions is part of being truly alive.

Ladies, this is what drives men crazy and at the same time, they can’t help but love it because dam…how beautiful are we when we are so vulnerable and able to express ourselves in our full feminine glory.  Men want to take care of us when we show our vulnerability, right men?

Men, contrary to what people say, if you can show your emotions, DAYEM, that’s what I call a strong, sexy & honorable man.  Showing emotions is definitely not weak, it’s a sign of strength & courage.  It takes a real confident man to show vulnerability – and that trumps everything.  Am I right ladies?

Authenticity is contagious. 

So this Thanksgiving holiday week when your emotions are heightened..give yourself a gift – just allow yourself and give yourself the space & freedom to feel and be vulnerable with yourself, your friends and family.  You will actually be providing everyone a gift by doing this – the gift of giving others the space to be real and vulnerable with you. Creating even more depth and connection with your friends and family, loving and relating…ultimately that’s all we truly want out of life is to be heard, to be felt, to be real and to be loved.

Be the real deal in this world of make believe and go spread the magic that you are.

Each and every one of you can light up the Universe because you are the Universe.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  ❤