Awakening & Enlightenment

by Erika Kita

Most people have this idea of what awakening and enlightenment is and typically you hear people say, “oh it’s about being positive or positive thinking.”

It’s actually quite the opposite and much more than just positive thinking.

True awakening and enlightenment is a destruction. A destruction of yourself as you know yourself to be. It’s a breaking down & falling apart of all the points of views, beliefs and identity of yourself, others and the world. It can actually be quite scary. It’s about embracing the dark and going into the unknown. Living with depth and being reborn.

It is also about really looking at yourself and taking responsibility for everything that happens to you and I mean EVERYTHING.

Things don’t just happen to you.

The Universe brings to you exactly what you need for your soul’s evolution and awakening. Typically, it involves some sort of pain. Opportunity is often disguised as loss. Everything is intricately woven with synchronicities for your unfolding if you are aware and can see the gift.  We are so quick to point the finger at others or something outside of ourselves; when in actuality, its something within us that has caused the pain.

The pain is a signal telling us, hey!…you gotta look at yourself and do something different. It’s there to re-direct you. This takes a lot of courage and humbleness – in other words, putting your pride down and having no ego.

Most of us don’t do this.

When was the last time you had an argument with someone or got angry about something and instead of blaming them and rationalizing that you were right – you looked at yourself…truly looked at yourself and asked yourself, what’s really happening here?  Where can I take responsibility for this? What’s my lesson in this?

Or when was the last time you were sick or had some sort of bodily symptom or disease and asked yourself, what’s really going on here? What emotions am I not being with and feeling?  What am I not dealing with that I need to?

Yes people – disease doesn’t just HAPPEN to you.  YOU create your health or disease. Disease happens because there is some sort of trauma, emotion or energetic vibration that you have not dealt with and integrated fully with.  That’s really what it is.  And if you don’t deal with it….the disease will keep coming back in some sort of shape or form.  Thus, people who keep getting cancer over and over after they have had chemo. It’s not just about putting a bandaid over it – it’s about truly dealing with your demons and yourself.  Disease is really a signal for that –  to make a change.

It takes something to make a change.  It takes a willingness to take responsibility of yourself, a lot of awareness, patience, courage and acceptance – especially in this world that we live in with so many distractions. Almost everything in our fast paced society takes us away from doing what we need to do to connect to ourselves, go within & heal ourselves.  To love ourselves.  The media is constantly showing us how we need to be, look and what we need to buy.  Society is constantly showing us what we need to do, be or have and glorifies being “busy”. It’s tiring just to keep up with how we think we need to be. It all takes us away from who we really are and connecting to ourselves, our spirit & our soul.

The thing is – The world needs you badly right now.

Look at the state of our world.

The world needs all of us to do whatever it takes and do the work within ourselves to awaken.

Before we help others we need to learn how to really love and help ourselves. To do this we must really ground ourselves in our body and go within. Be sovereign individuals – really BE your own source. This is the most important lesson I learned being with John of God. This is the most important thing we can do for ourselves while we are here on earth. This is why we are here. To awaken, to raise the vibration, to shift the consciousness and to truly evolve into the majestic multi-dimensional beings that we are. Everything else is just the machinery that we live in. We’ve become robots. It’s not “real”.

I thought I had healed and Spirit showed me, there was more. My intention and what I kept asking them was, “show me what I need to see” in order to really be the best that I could be for the world and vibrate at the most highest level possible. They showed me that I had to really go within now and clear myself of any residual pain, self sabotage, fractured ego and any fractured ideas of myself and my identity. This wasn’t something that I can do or get by going to somebody outside of myself. This was work that I needed to do with myself – and it was between me and Spirit.

Everything is energy.  Emotions are energy. The horrific things going on in the world – it’s all a reflection of us not being able to be with the pain and the fear in ourselves so people start acting up – killing each other, going on shooting sprees, sexually abusing others…all of this, it’s a reflection of us – our energy as a collective.

I am sure you have noticed that everything is rapidly intensifying right now – this is happening in order to teach us about responsibility and maintaining a clarity of purpose in our intentions.  The more compassion you have for others the quicker the collective consciousness will change. For this to happen, you first need to have compassion and love for yourself. How can you love and transcend the darkness in others if you don’t embrace the darkness in yourself?  By doing this…you will understand a little more why such horrific things are happening in this world today.  You may not agree with it and you will have more of a sense of compassion because everyone is just crying out to be loved.

Ultimately, we are all one –  the human family. There is a collective consciousness and energy we hold together.  We think that we want to fix, change others and the world…that will only happen through us changing ourselves. Really going deep within ourselves, embracing our own darkness and connecting to our soul & spirit, beyond our mind. That is the key to our collective freedom.

The more of us that take the time to fully be with all of ourselves and love every single ounce of ourselves – the more the world will start reflecting this.

We all think that little ole me can’t make a difference.  You do not even know how magnificent you are and how much of a difference you can make, just by loving yourself fully and vibrating that energy of love.  The energy that you vibrate when you are whole and complete within yourself –  the ripple effect and the impact you make on humanity as a whole is unfathomable to our human mind.  Let alone the kind of extraordinary and magical life you can live if you did this for yourself.  The Universe responds to and matches your vibration.

Your energy field has the exponential effect of change on others.  Everything is about vibration.  When you vibrate the energy of your full self – if each of us did that – together we could really create heaven on earth. As above, so below.  It’s not just a dream.

That, will be true awakening and enlightenment.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”Gandhi