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A New Relationship to Death & Suicide


(Yangshuo, China) 


A couple years ago a friend of mine committed suicide.  Even though I wasn’t extremely close to him I was completely devastated.  Questions ran through my mind, ”Why?”…”Could I have somehow done or said something different to help him?”…”Tried harder to get to know him better and gone deeper with him?”

Shortly after, he made contact with me from the “other side”, which was my first experience and communication I had with the spirit world at that level of depth.

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Rebirth & Emergence


These past couple years of awakening for me has been profound and challenging.  A time of letting go and the breaking down of everything I believed in; which was basically everything in my life.

When I turned within to the only true Source, the true Presence, Intelligence and Power that runs through us all;  I came into our multi-dimensional truth & saw past illusion after illusion in the world we live in today.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  It was mind control, psychological warfare, the raping of our energy & downright ugly.

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Just Be


(sunset over Lake Taupo from my hotel room) 

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I have been traveling and almost 2 weeks since coming to New Zealand.

I’ve been holed up in a nice hotel for the last couple days in Lake Taupo doing absolutely nothing except nurturing myself.  A stark change to what I’ve been doing the past couple weeks.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks traveling and moving from place to place, spontaneously, not knowing where exactly I am going and just following my intuition. Sometimes booking a place to stay at the very last minute & not all accommodations have been the most amazing.

I’ve been seeking, looking and asking for the signs as I’ve been on this journey and I’ve exhausted myself out.

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Love: The Purest Form


(Moorea from Magic Mountain) 

It’s hard not to feel and be in love in the magical French Polynesian islands.  Mother Nature’s beauty is breathtaking and Her life force and love runs deep, flowing effortlessly.

Bora Bora is now my most favorite place in the world yet and also where I experienced the best snorkeling thus far.  I’m completely blissed out here.


(Bora Bora partial view of my bungalow & beach front) 

Sitting here writing this in front of my beach front bungalow in Bora Bora filled with so much awe and grace.  The past week visiting Moorea and Bora Bora has filled my heart & soul to whole new depth.

I experienced love like I never have before…

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The Rise of the Divine Feminine


I’ve been feeling the intense energies of the collective all week, especially that of all women.

When somebody who is in a position that can potentially be our country’s leader talks about women the way that he has…it hits us all to the core.

It brings up all personal instances and occasions for all women, who have been oppressed, suppressed, taken advantage of or something or another to diminish their spirit and their sacredness.

I know it has for me…

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Birthday Reflections on Life, Death, Love & Sex.


(Integratron, near Joshua Tree)

“But if we are truly happy inside, then age brings with it a maturity, a depth, and a power that only magnifies our radiance.”

– David Deida

I spent my birthday completely disconnected from technology (literally, my phone actually broke in the Integratron shortly after this picture was taken above), with Mother Nature, Father Sky and the Creator within me at Joshua Tree, reflecting on the last 39 years of my life.

My life looks nothing like I imagined where it would be by this point…

It’s way better.

I thought I would be married and have kids by now and either have a successful career or support my husband in his and not have to work; take care of the kids.  Pretty much the cookie cutter image of what society gives us as success for a female.   

I have none of that and I am fulfilled beyond words…

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Being Alone & Pain

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


I’ve been on the fast track on the acceleration of my soul’s evolution this past year…

Ever since I started looking within & connecting to Spirit within me;  life has been one big never-ending roller coaster & mystical adventure.

It’s also been a time where I have been alone a lot and really isolated myself.

It’s in my solitude and silence that I can “hear” and tune into the natural flow of the Universe and it’s also been a very important clearing process for me.  Not only that, for a while, I felt like I couldn’t relate to anything or anyone in this physical world anymore. I am only now, slowly integrating myself back into this world (the physical plane).

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Being your own doctor, therapist and ultimate healer


This morning, I woke up with my right eye really swollen, barely able to open and see through it.

Initially, I panicked and thought, shit I need to go to the eye doctor, my eye is infected!

It’s funny because just the other day I was thinking about how I have such an amazing connection to my body and I don’t need to go to the doctor for anything.  I listen to my body and know exactly what is going on.

I paused and thought wait a minute Erika…you created this somehow…so you can heal it yourself too (you create your reality in every moment). Read the rest of this entry »

Self-Love & Awakening: What It Really Looks Like

Suddenly, everything was beautiful.  

The way she viewed the world was nothing more but a reflection of herself

– r.m. drake

While being on this spiritual quest to truly love myself…I found myself and so much more that I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams.

A profound awakening.

Words cannot even begin to express what I experience and how I live my life nowadays…

I’m going to attempt to share a cliff notes version of what has occurred for me during and since my last mystical adventure.

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Trusting the Process


“Oh what we see when we finally stop looking.” – Tyler Knott Greyson

I’ve been back in the City of Angels for about a week now from being in Brazil with John of God and completely taking myself off the grid for a month, including being off all technology.

It’s been an intense, deep, sacred and magical journey.

I’m still processing and integrating from it all and I’ve been allowing myself the space to take the time to slowly ease back into what some of my friends call…civilization. 🙂 

At JOG, I worked very closely and intensely with Spirit and my angel guides in my healing and evolvement – especially on my relationship around men this time.  I will share more about what unfolded for me while there in a future blog post. I need more time to process & integrate it all as I am still moving and feeling through some things.

Other than that, part of my intention for going to JOG was to create what was next for me in really living a life of purpose and passion and more specifically, have a plan for that.

What I do know, is that I am still going to work in real estate as what’s next for me unfolds and I am going to be guiding a group to Brazil to John of God in June (message me for details if you are interested in joining). 

Other than that, my plan is yet to be revealed.

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